Company tat aiRstructures and tat team

Business Philosophy

We know where the fox has its hole...

Staff members

Well educated, dynamic, team-minded, flexible and able to work under pressure - that sounds clichéd and boring!

We develop innovative high quality products and employ individualists, lateral thinkers and autodidacts for this reason. Our employees have to be set to provide their potential for "the big idea".

Thats how we can realize our visions long lasting


Development - Production - Selling. The competencies of our employees are far ranging. Event modules, promotion displays, technical appliance and last but not least aiRstructures are developed and produced in our company in Germany.
From the idea to the delivery - all from a single source.

Customer focus

We have hasty, big, structured and spontaneous customers from Germany and foreign countries. They all have one thing in common: outstanding ideas and special wishes.

There are project managers, theater directors, gymnasium operators, artists and other people that can imagine "inflated solutions".

Our biggest concern is it to try to understand your special requests and help with its realization.

Talk to us - we will promote your idea.


38 years filled with events

1984, at the beginning of their academic studies, Jürgen Holst and Dieter Profitlich founded the company tat. They followed the idea to build and to establish new, never before seen event modules on big events. Bouncing castles were still mostly unknown and one can proudly say that the company tat is a pioneer company in the range of inflatable event modules.

Until today tat develops and rents out spectacular event modules in entire Germany and close foreign countries.

30 years of manufacturing

Following the big success on events the founders decided to sell their high end products as well. Airtramps, bouncing castles, meanwhile also promotion displays and lots of other event modules, got sold since 1992.

The new line of products, the "tat aiRstructures", includes all the collected know-how. Futuristic, unique, practical.

24 years of trading

1998 we got business partners in India and China to carry out certain jobs overseas. This mostly affects products with a high number of pieces, cost-efficient qualities and labour intensive methods. Dealing with partners like the ones in India or China rounds up the company profile and assures an effective position on the global market.

Modern ways of communication, a confiding affair to the business partners and a fast production of assignments back up the success of the business.