Branding - Advertise your brand

You can brand the aiRdome and aiRblox tents in different ways. The tents gorgeous design and its unique surface structure empower your creativity.

Digital Surface Printing

Digital printing can be applied to the entire surface area of the tent (4c digital printing). Both the in- and outside of the aiRblox and aiRdome can be branded in this fashion. By creating a 3D-Model of the structured surface it is possible to adjust the printing data to the geometric form of the tents. The result is distortion free branding.


As an alternative to digital printing, banners can be fixed to the surcface of the tents. This way you can apply different brandings for different applications.


It is possible to project images and videos on the outside and inside wall of the tents. Using Außerdem sind Projektionen auf die Außenhaut oder Innenwand möglich. Using customary projectors and a special pc software the image is adjusted to geometric form of the surface and the image can be projected distortion free.

Digitally printed branding on an aiRdome 75