aiRdome 75
aiRdome 75 - Roadshow
aIRdomes are available in alle sizes and can be connected with tunnels
aiRdome 75 - open
aiRdome at night
aiRdome 75 Open Air Festival

aiRdome - innovative and Exclusive Event-Tent

The aiRdome with its eye catching profile combines a classic shape with the high requirements of modern event technology.

Modular concept

Due to the removable entrance sealing hull the aiRdome can be used in different scenarios. The standard aiRdome has a floor area of 75 m², of course we can also make different tent sizes available.

Indoor climate

It is possible to equip the inflatable tents with air conditioning. Due to the double walled construction the aiRdome is well isolated from the outside temperature.


It goes without saying that the system is secured against power failures and other faults. Starting with the blower ending with the tent wall, there are only high quality materials used which are also flame retardant according to the European B1 certification. The manufacturing is completely done in Germany. Therefore high quality and a long life of the product is guaranteed..


The aiRdome Tents allow for unlimited possibilities of application:

  • Corporate Events
  • Fashion-shows and banquets
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Product-presentation und -launches
  • Mass events
  • Congresses and conferences
  • Exhibition stand, Exhibition tent
  • Multimedia shows, Cinemas and art exhibitions
  • Cafés, restaurants, bars
  • VIP-Areas and Chill-Out-Lounges
  • Sport events
  • Selling points


Concept and design of the aiRdome have been optimized for flexibility:


    Simple logistics

    Clever modular concept, small packaging size and weight


    Short set-up time

    Ideal for Roadshows and tight schedules


    Flexible Branding

    On the entire surface of the tent (in- and outside)


    Outstanding Acoustics

    Predestined for Music events and talks



    Silenced high quality blowers and welded tarpaulin


    Invisible anchoring

    Anchoring ballast is integrated into the tents wall


We set high quality standards for ourselves and our products.


    Tailor-made solution

    Every aiRdome is customized to exactly fit your needs


    Passion for detail

    Clever, flexible solutions — from the doors to the tarpaulin



    State of the art safety and quality in all areas


    Standards & Certifications

    B1 certified fire prevention, structural engineering calculation


    Reliable team

    You can count on our reliable and professional team


    Made in Germany

    All components are designed and manufactured in Germany

aiRdo­me 75

Ba­se area 75 m²
Usa­b­le area 57 m²
Si­ze 10 m dia­me­ter x 5m height
Per­mis­si­on un­der buil­ding law not re­qui­red in Ger­ma­ny
Weight 420 kg aiRdo­me, 20 kg blo­wer, 30 kg ground nail
Pa­c­ka­ging si­ze 2 m x 0,90 m dia­me­ter aiRdo­me, 0,60 m x 0,60 m x 0,50 m Blo­wer
Se­t­up ti­me 1 hour
Man po­wer 4 peop­le to un­coil/coil up, 2 peop­le to set up and ta­ke down
Pro­duct in­for­ma­ti­on Ground­plan and sea­ting sche­me (PDF)


Con­struc­ti­on in­fla­ta­b­le, dou­b­le-wal­led
Mem­bra­ne tent fa­bric tar­pau­lin, fla­me re­tard­ant ac­cor­ding to the Eu­ro­pe­an B1 cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on, 650 g/m², fun­gi­ci­dal equip­ped, pro­tec­ti­ve paint
An­cho­ra­ge hard ground: wa­ter bal­last; soft ground: ground an­chors 0,80 m length
Po­wer sup­p­ly 230 V sing­le pha­se, 0,3 kw, in­ter­lo­cked by 16 A

In­clu­ded in de­li­ve­ry (ba­sic mo­du­le)

Blo­wer noi­se­less se­ries, Ma­de in Ger­ma­ny
Bag packs the in­fla­ta­b­le to a com­pact roll
An­cho­ra­ge set for­ged steel
Elec­tric main in­stal­la­ti­on in­stal­led ca­b­les in the wall; po­wer out­letsn
En­tran­ce si­ze and form se­lec­ta­b­le


Ex­tend your aiR­do­me with a wi­de va­rie­ty of ac­cess­o­ries.

Entrances & Doors
Connecting modules
Floor systems
Aggregates & Monitoring
Air conditioning & heating