FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General information

What is the delivery time?

The basic aiRdome has a 3-4 week delivery time. An aiRdome with the complete range of equipment features and branding takes 5-6 weeks to deliver.

Can you choose any colouring for the aiRdome?

There is a wide range of colours to choose from. To actualize spot colours we either print digitally on the entire aiRdome or use a coloured canvas. By doing so one has to consider the minimum order quantity of the canvas producers and a longer delivery time.

Can you get an aiRdome in a different shape?

Since every aiRdome is custom built we can modify the shape. However the design has to be realizable as an inflatable and a longer delivery time has to be acceptable.

Can you use the aiRdome inside?

Yes, you can set up the aiRdome inside (e.g. in a big exhibition hall). It is hardly inflammable (DIN 4102, B1) and the fans are really quiet. Thanks to technical equipment the aiRdome is failsafe.

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is three years for the inflatable, two years for the technical equipment.

Is it possible to rent an aiRdome?

Yes, we offer an aiRdome 75 with all equipment features that you can rent.

How environment friendly is the aiRdome?

The aiRdome is made of PVC canvas from a big European manufacturer. The manufacturer is a leading company in recycling the material completely (no downcycling). Building the aiRdome we save on material, fans are optimized on power efficiency and due to the airtight sealing fans with little engine power can be used. The double walled construction with its isolating air layer does not need a cooling system in summer and low heating energy in winter.

How high is the energy demand during operation?

The power requirement is comparable with the one of a computer. Thanks to the airtight sealed shell of the aiRdome and the resulting low air requirement the fan has a little power input, is energy saving and quiet.

Safety, Stability

What happens in case of a loss of power?

In case of a loss of power the in the fan case integrated UPS (uninterrupted power supply unit) takes over. People in charge of the aiRdome get a message sent to their cellular phones and have enough time to solve the problem.

Are hardly inflammable materials used?

Yes, we use hardly inflammable material DIN 4102 B1.

How many people fit in the aiRdome?

Up to 75 people fit in the aiRdome 75. The aiRdome 150 fits up to 260 people.

Up to what storm force can you use the aiRdome?

The aiRdome is made to resist winds up to 40 mph (Beaufort no. 8). On special request we can modify the aiRdome for the use in stronger winds. The aiRdome can resist strong blasts due to its pneumatic construction.

How do you anchor the aiRdome on hard ground?

The aiRdome has a hidden hose in the wall that you fill with water and that holds the aiRdome with its weight on the ground. This system makes it possible to anchor the aiRdome without the need to bring special, unaesthetic ballast tanks to the event.

How do you anchor the aiRdome on soft ground?

The easiest way is to use ground anchors that you pin into the ground.

Can you operate the aiRdome with a solar or wind engine?

Yes. The little power input of the fan makes this possible.

Is it possible to connect two or more aiRdomes with each other?

Yes. It is possible to connect aiRdomes. Either a direct connection or a connection with a tube in between the domes can be made. The connection is water tight.

How does daylight get into the aiRdome?

Skylights, big windows at the side of the aiRdome, the big entrance, a glass door or the use of translucent material make this possible.

Is the aiRdome designed for a snow load?

A snow load is always a special case and the aiRdome is not laid out for this in particular. On special request it is possible to adjust the structural analysis to hold a moderate snow load.

What kinds of safety installations are used?

The amount of safety installations depends on the purpose of use. Since power failures are not rare on big events an integrated UPS (uninteruptible power supply) is the standard. In case of a loss of power people in charge get a text message send to their cellular phone. In addition to the UPS it is possible to install safety lighting or to measure the air pressure of the aiRdome. If even more safety is required a back up fan, that automatically starts work in case of failure of the main fan, can be ordered.

Audibility, Sound

How loud is the fan?

The low input fan is really quiet. The fans are optimized to have little noise emission. In addition they are built in a case with acoustic insulation. Even in a quiet environment the fans are hardly hearable.

Is the aiRdome suitable for a quiet stage performance?

Yes. The fans are really quiet and because of the sealed (not sewn) shell there are no whistle or fizzle noises.

Set up, operation

Is an untrained person able to set up the aiRdome?

Yes. The set up progress is easy and the detailed instruction manual helps if needed. If requested we will teach your staff.

Is it possible to repair the aiRdome on location in case of damage?

Yes, it is possible. The reparation instruction manual explains how to repair the aiRdome on location. Even big damaging can be fixed with an adhesive foil.

What kind of vehicle is needed to transport the aiRdome?

A delivery van or even a car trailer is enough to transport both aiRdome variations.

How long does it take to set up and take down the aiRdome?

You can set up the aiRdome 75 in about one hour. The aiRdome 150 takes about one and a half to two hours to set up.

How many people do you need to set up and take down the aiRdome?

Temporary (2 × 15 min) you need 4 people to roll in/out the aiRdome 75 (6 people for the aiRdome 150). Two people are able to do the rest of work.

What happens if someone stabs the wall of the aiRdome?

A stab is not a problem. The fan can even compensate a cut of 10 cm length. Bigger cuts you have to fix with adhesive foil. Since the aiRdome is made of really tear resistant material the cut will not get bigger.

Do we offer a repair service?

Yes. Our staff even repairs on site. Smaller repairs you can do yourself after getting advice by phone. Of course we do repairs in our factory as well.

Is there a service number in case of a problem?

Yes, you can reach us by phone at any time.

Is the aiRdome watertight in long lasting and heavy rain?

Since the shell of the aiRdome is not sewn but sealed by welding it is completely watertight. Also installed are eaves that prevent the water from going down the roof in the entrance area.

Is the fan constantly in use?

The fan is constantly in use since that makes sure that the required in wall pressure is up. That way safety is assured.

How do you clean the aiRdome?

Because of the smooth exterior you can easily clean up dirt and stains. To thorough clean the dome a hot water high-pressure-cleaner is the most efficient tool.

What kinds of floor systems are available?

There are different possible options: aluminum-sandwich-plates that are really lightweight and do not need a static foundation, wooden plates on an adjustable steel foundation or plastic floors are feasible. All different floors are designed for the aiRdome and make sure that rain water drains off correctly. A canvas used during set up avoids staining before the aiRdome is up.


How do you digitally print the aiRdome?

The printing data get converted with a special software that knows the geometry of the aiRdome. That way the printing is carried out without deforming the expected look. A solvent free, high resolution UV print is used. The imprint is abrasion-proof and sunlight resistant. You can print the exterior and the interior of the aiRdome.

Is it possible to attach a banner to the aiRdome?

Yes. During manufacturing or afterwards we can add attachment points.

Is the printing sunlight resistant and abrasion-proof?

Since a high resolution UV print is used, the printing is sunlight resistant and laid out against mechanical forces.

Climate, Heating

Does the aiRdome heat up in summer?

No. The double walled construction with its isolating air layer in between the walls keeps the aiRdome cool in summer.

Can you heat the aiRdome in winter?

Yes. Thanks to the double walled construction with its isolating air layer in between the walls you need low heating energy to reach a comfortable indoor temperature.

Is an air conditioning system necessary?

Usually an air conditioning system is not necessary. Only if the aiRdome is used as a closed variation with a sealing hull and a door and there are plenty of people inside, ventilation is inevitable. Lighting,

Projection Is an indirect lighting out of the wall possible?

Yes. It is possible to manufacture the aiRdome with translucent material. The transparency of that material is with 50% way higher than the transparency of the usually used material (15%).

Can you project something distortion free on the aiRdome?

A software can transform picture and video data that way that the projection will not be distorted.

How close to the wall can you assemble floodlights?

Lights that emit a lot of heat should be 50 cm far away from the wall. The temperature of the membrane must not rise over 70 °C.

Can you suspend cross beams, projectors or lights from the aiRdome?

The bearing capacity is strong enough to hold a lot of weight. But since the aiRdome is a flexible construction it would pass its little movements on to the equipment. To get more information please contact us.