Lighting - illuminate your event

Cables - hidden in the tent walls - supply power outlets and lamps with power. It is possible to attach lamps or cross beams to the membrane: very good conditions to install your light effects. Due to the surface and the size of the membranes it is possible to lighten the inside of the aiRdome by installing lamps inside the walls.

Integrated LED-Lighting-System

We offer a special DMX controlled LED-Lighting-System for our inflatable tents. The lights are mounted inside the tents double-walled membrane creating a unique and soft lighting effect. The lights stay inside the tents wall even if the tents is not inflated.

Professional Planing

In collaboration with a professional light planer we offer the right light and the right lamps for every event.

Demo of the DMX controlled Lighting in action

Illuminated aiRdomeDMX controller for the light system