Entrances & Doors in variable sizes

Big entrances are guiding visitors into the aiRdomes. Considering the case of an exhibition or a presentation the tent becomes a stage. Furniture, technical equipment and catering elements are easily to take in and out. Size, number and position of the entrances are custom-made.

Variable Sizes

There is not just one way leading into an aiRdome. A wide opening for welcoming, friendly presentations, a narrow alley in the outside wall, a massive door, insertable into one of the membranes or even an access channel: The modular construction method of the aiRdomes is the basis for various kind of entrances.

Sealing hull

We insert the missing counter piece of the membranes into the opening and fasten it. That is how the aiRdome can be used multifunctional as a compact unit. It offers many different options.

Glass doors

The aiRdome Glass Doors will add warmth and vitality to your even tents. The single- or double-winged doors are mounted on a stainless steel frame. Ramps make the entrance handicapped accesssible. 

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