Air conditioning & heating

Double walled tents with an isolating air layer in the walls stay cool on hot summer days and are heatable with low energy input in winter.

The aiRdomes have a good indoor temperature because of the tent walls that do not get hot in summer and because of the fact that there is no condensate on the walls in winter.

Electric Heating

Electric heating is ideal for the aiRdome 75. There is power on almost every event. The aggregate is hushed and light weighted, stands outside of the tent and feeds the tent with warm air leaded through tubes.

Oil- or Gas Heating

Oil- or gas heating offers besides the generated power big amounts of heat. Adequate for the aiRdome 150 or on events without enough power, oil- or gas heating is a good option.

Ventilation System

Ventilation systems bring fresh air into the tents during summer if you use the aiRdome with sealing-hull and doors.

Elektrische Zeltheizung