InfinityDome 360° VR-Dome rental Total immersion as a complete solution

360° VR public presentation hardware with unimagined possibilities

Our VR air hall offers extensive design space and an enormous projection surface. The 4K-projection technology acts either on the perfect projection hemisphere made of Greyscreen material or directly on the translucent outer shell as an advertising space. The 3D sound system enhances the immersion and offers producers immense possibilities to enchant their viewers.

The complete set of dome, screen, sound and projection technology is available from us from a single source. Please contact us!

Resolution Up to 4.7K x 4.7K
Projectors 5 pcs WQXGA (2 560 x 1.600)
Media server VIOSO Domemaster
Screen 15 m diameter, 360°x180°, non-tilt, professional projection membrane (Greyscreen), stretched by vacuum

3D Sound / Spatial Audio, High End System with 20 speakers (16 speakers plus 4 subwoofers) - Immersive, accurate object-based sound

Dimensions 18 m diameter, 10.20 m height
Capacity approx. 120 persons on deckchairs; up to 200 persons at bar tables
Lighting conditions Lightproof screen, projection at any time of day

Projection directly onto the highly translucent outer shell - 35% light transmission compared to 6% for standard materials —

a bright brilliant projection illuminates the outer shell, no annoying tent poles


In the partition wall and inside programmable spotlights.

Light up the InfinityDome in every color imaginable

Anchoring Water - filled ring and concrete/steel ballast next to the doors - approved for wind load zone 3 coast in Germany , beaufort 10
Power supply Power supply: 2x 32A (fan and projection). If necessary 64A for air conditioning
Setup time 8 hours including projection technology and calibration
Portable 360° dome crowd puller with built-in DMX lighting.
Wissensvermittlung im Fulldome
InfinityDome VR 360° Projektion auf die Aussenhülle von Innen in der Nacht..jpg
InfinityDome - Innenansicht Bestuhlung "The New Infinity" Fulldome Kunst der Berliner Festspiele

Key Features


    Projection in top quality

    visually stunning projections of VR content at the same level with stationary facilities such as full-dome theatres or planetariums



    Projection directly into the hull! Widely visible.


    Up to 360° x 180° projection area

    spherical projection surface, optimized for playback of VR content - for maximum immersion


    High mobility

    Short assembly and dismantling times, can be set up almost anywhere.


    Good acoustics

    soundproofed to the outside, whisper quiet operation, 3D sound for complete immersion.


    Projections even in daylight

    the media dome is completely sealed off from outside light


    Storm Festival

    zugelassen für Windlastzone 3 Küste


    In summer and in winter

    heatable, air-conditionable, good insulation, good indoor climate

More features



    RGB LED lamps both in the partition wall for atmospheric lighting of the dome and in the internal projection room.


    VR-Dome, fullDome & Event-Dome

    a short modification and the media dome becomes a high-quality event tent


    2 Entrances/exits

    Barrier-free air hall with 2 air locks and revolving doors


    Water ballast

    Comfortable and non-invasive ballasting. No ground anchors, no drilling.



    comprehensive safety concept according to the state of the art


    Fully configurable

     - Custom-made according to your requirements!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to give you further information on bespoke solutions.