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Inflatable Tents and VR Domes for Roadshows, Trade-Shows and Events

Event-tent aiRdome - Eyecatcher at events

The aiRdome tent has been developed for use on road-shows, festivals and promotion-, categring, music and party-events. Its design focuses on high mobility, serviceability and excellent acoustics.

Inflatable Event-Tent

Roadshows or festivals always have tight schedules. Where regular event domes require the use of heavy-duty transporters and cranes, the aiRdome is transported and setup easily: roul-out, inflate and it's ready for use.

Event-Dome with Outstanding Accoustics

The inflatable dome-tents are perfectly suited for use as music-events or can be used as a dj-tent. They draw attention on festivals. The alveolate surface structure of the double-walled event-tents are the reason for the good acoustics of the aiRdomes. The entire surface of the tents can be branded. The blowers of the inflatable cupola can be equiped with an optional silencer and a casing. An illuminated aiRdome at night is a beautiful crowd-puller.