InfinityDome projection technology the all in one solution for mobile fulldome

Projection technology

We offer professional projection technology, assembled for your specific application and the available budget. For full dome projections of the highest quality, tailored for use in a mobile media dome: computers, software, monitors, control desks, projectors from leading manufacturers (Barco, Christie, Panasonic, ...), projector columns, projector housings for sound insulation and exhaust of the projectors, transport cases, etc.

The criteria to consider are:

  • Pure full-dome cinema, or media dome with feed from various external video and data sources, or mobile digital planetarium, especially the computer(s) and software must be tailored to the intended application.
  • Size of the projection dome
  • Resolution (2K, 3K, 4K)
  • Light intensity
  • contrast, black level
  • Number of projectors - depending on the objective (resolution, brightness, budget, ...) of the project
  • 2D or 3D projection
  • 3D projection method (shutter / spectral filter)
  • Encapsulation of the projectors (sound insulation and heat dissipation)
fullDome Projektion
immersive fullDome
Projektion im Fulldome


Any further questions?

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