Into infinity and beyond:
immersive worlds for a
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InfinityDome mobile full dome theatre for rent and buy

Our largest VR dome offers extensive design space with an enormous projection surface. The 4K projection technology works either on the perfect projection hemisphere made of greyscreen material or directly on the outer shell made of translucent material. The 3D sound system in 16.4 configuration enhances the immersion and offers the producer gigantic scope to enchant his viewers.

Key Features


    Top quality projektion

    powerful projections of VR content at eye level with stationary facilities such as fullDome theatres or planetariums.



    Projection directly into the inner wall hull Visible from afar.


    Up to 360° x 230° projection space

    spherical projection surface, optimized for playback of VR content - for maximum immersion


    High mobility

    short set-up and dismantling times, can be set up almost anywhere.


    Good acoustics

    soundproofed to the outside, whisper-quiet operation, 3D sound for complete immersion. acoustic


    Projections also in daylight

    the media dome is completely sealed off against outside light


    Storm proof

    approved for Beaufort 10


    Usable at any time of the year

    heatable, air-conditionable, good insulation, good room climate

Further Features



    RGB LED lamps both in the partition wall for atmospheric illumination of the dome and in the interior projection room.


    VR-Dome, fullDome & Event-Dome

    a short conversion and the media dome becomes a high-quality event tent


    2 Entrances

    barrier-free airdome with 2 airlocks and revolving doors


    Water ballast

    comfortable and non-invasive ballasting. No ground anchors, no drilling.



    comprehensive state-of-the-art safety concept


    Fully configurable

     - individually manufactured according to your requirements!

immersive solutions for picture and sound

Projection technology

We offer professional projection technology, compiled for your specific application. From entry-level systems to high-performance projectors, we equip your domes according to your requirements. We assemble systems independent of projector manufacturers or software solution providers!


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The right sound is an important component for the complete immersive experience. Directional reproduction ensures a convincing acoustic environment: the perfect sound staging for an all-embracing experience.

5.1 Sound and other room sound systems - We have the right solution for your budget.


The InfinityDome is our largest mobile full-dome system. VR content and 360° productions can be shown to up to 200 people simultaneously. Absolute immersion was the driving force behind development. Finest projection combined with 3D sound. Fully air-conditioned and heatable. The cover is made of translucent, Japanese special PVC and thus allows a far visible projection from the inside to the outside.

The InfinityDome is optimized for short set-up and dismantling times and can be set up almost anywhere.

Present your VR / 360° content suitable for groups - without annoying VR glasses!


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