aiRdome|VR projector technology

Projector technologies

We supply professional projector technology, tailored for your specific requirments and your budget. fullDome projections in highest fidelity and optimized for usage in our mobile media domes: Computers, software, monitors, directors tables, projectors of leading manufacturers (Barco, Christie, Panasonic, …), projector-columns, soundproof casings for projectors with air conditioning, transport cases, etc.

Criteria for the selection are:

  • virtual-reality-cinema or media dome with various data sources or mobile digital planetarium. The projectors and computers must need to be optimized the planned application.
  • Size of the projection cupola
  • Resolution (2K, 3K, 4K)
  • Luminosity
  • Contrast, black level
  • Number of projectors — depends on application (resoltion, luminosity, budget)
  • 2D or3D projection
  • 3D technology (shutter / spectral filters), sequenced or simultanous projection of both imaging channels (right and left eye)
  • Projector enclosure (Sound proof and air conditioned)
fullDome projection
immersive fullDome
Projection inside of fullDome



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