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aiRdome | VR - mobile planetarium / full dome cinema

The air-supported structure of the media dome enables virtual-reality projections of the highest fidelity. The dome has been optimized for high mobility, short setup and disassemble times, small packaging size, low weight and ease of use.

The fullblown fullDome theatre can be setup without the need for technical aids like cranes or elevating platforms and independently from weather conditions.

Key Features


    Projection in prime quality

    overwhelming VR-projections on a par with stationary installations like planetaria or fulldome theatres


    Up to 360° x 230° projection sphere

    spherical projection surface, optimized for VR content, projection without any margins for a perfect immersive experience


    High mobility

    short set-up and take-down time, daily location change is possible


    Outstanding acoustics

    soundproof, silenced blowers with very low noise emissions


    VR-projections — even at full daylight

    the cupola is fully protected against outdoor light



    approved up to wind force of 10 beaufort


    Summer and winter

    heating, air conditioning, good temperature insulation, pleasant indoor climate

Additional Features


    Illuminated in all colors

    programmable RGB-LED lights within the tents wall create a magical atmosphere at night


    VR-Dome, Immersive Cinema & Event-Dome

    can be reconfigured as a regular Event-Dome


    No airlock

    uses the time-proven double-walled airdome construction of tat aiRstructures, the dome stands safe even with opened doors


    Water-ballast system

    comfortable and secure anchoring using a water-ballast system integrated into the tents walls



    state of the art safety and quality in all areas


    Fully configurable

     Custom-made to fit your requirements

immersive solutions for image and sound

Projection technology

We offer professional projection technology chosen for your specific requirements. Starting with entry-level solutions to high-performance data projectors — we will supply your aiRdome|VR with the projector fitting your needs.


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Sound system

The right sound is an essential component for a complete immersive experience. Spacial sound reproduction creates a convincing acoustic environment: perfect sound production for a complete and universal experience.

5.1 sound and other spatial sound systems — we offer the right solution fitting your budget.

modular fullDome Theatre

The all new VR-Dome concept by tat-aiRstructures is based on the time-proven modular and flexible double-walled aiRdome concept. Every component can be tailored to your exact needs:

  • Base module in your own design – for example in the form of a cube
  • Bigger cupola – choose the size you need
  • VR-Dome & Event-Dome – two-in-one solution, use your dome as a cupola for immersive virtual-reality-projections and as a regular event tent
  • Banners on the outside of the cupola – exchangable alternative to digital printing directly on the surface
  • Bigger Entry – for easy access of bigger exhibits like cars etc.
  • Seating – Chairs, canvas chairs, inflatable seating, bar tables …
  • Cut-resistant tarpulain – protect your dome against vandalism
  • Premium security concept – modular and extensible security — monitor and protect each component of your dome
  • Exterior anchoring system – as an alternative to the built-in water ballast system that is integrated into the dome tent
  • Doors – lightweight doors, plexiglas doors, tarpaulin doors, inflatable doors, …
  • RGB-LED lightband – under the projection cupola, programmable
  • Air conditioning – external or internal air conditioning unit can be used with the dome. All mounts and sockets are included
  • Cases – fitting cases for each component
  • Inflatable barriers – versatile, highly mobile, easy transportation



We will help you with any questions you might have. Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email.